Five Fingered Touch

Giclée Photograph on Matte Paper

1000mm x 1400mm. Edition of 8

From Now On (No Garden of Eden)

Wallace Gallery Morrinsville, 2013

A collaboration between three artists––Rohana Weaver, Kate van der Drift, and Clare Fleming––From Now On (No Garden of Eden) construct a playful, hopeful vision of a post–disaster  hereafter.

Using photography, sculpture, and found objects, the artists set the structures of the human world into conversation with impossibly “pristine” nature. Drawing on modern and contemporary thought about the “no–place” of Utopia, and the myth of a human/nature divide, this exhibition nevertheless offers a celebratory, constructive sense of the human role in making more nature––from now on.

The show is a result of five makers working generously, together. Ideas, forms, shapes and language were slipped, swapped, shared, and iterated. The result is a visual conversation that is larger and more dynamic than the sum of its parts.

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The Sea Moved Sideways

Giclée Photograph on Matte Paper

1010mm x 720mm Edition of 5 + 2 APs

Varnish of the imaginary upon the pith of the deeply real

Mixed Media.